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About The Book Depository
The Book Depository is the UK’s largest dedicated online bookseller, offering the largest range of titles in the world, available for dispatch within 48 hours. Founded in 2004 to make ‘All Books available to All’ we focus on selling ‘less of more’ rather than ‘more of less’, differentiating ourselves from other retailers who increasingly focus on bestsellers.

All books available to All
Currently, The Book Depository is able to ship over nine million unique titles, within 48 hours, from our fulfilment centre in Gloucester, United Kingdom. This figure is increasing every day. Apart from publishers, distributors and wholesalers, we even list and supply books from other retailers.

Free Worldwide Delivery
The Book Depository is an international bookseller shipping our books free of charge, worldwide, to over 100 countries. By working with various world postal authorities and other carriers, we are always looking to add more countries to this list.

How is it going?
The Book Depository is the fastest growing bookseller in Europe, shipping to thousands of customers every day throughout the world. We have over a million customers and a reputation for extremely high service levels. A large percentage of our customers are very loyal, placing orders with us time and time again.

The Long Tail: why are we making as many books available as possible?
Of the 30 million titles ever printed in the English language only a few million of these are in print. We are seeking to make available as many of these titles as possible (and working to do the same with foreign language titles). This way, we will have the largest breadth of titles available in the world. Where books are no longer in print or poorly available we are seeking to make them available again by republishing. We do this through our Dodo Press imprint.

Dodo Press
Our Dodo Press imprint has re-published over fifteen thousand out of print or difficult to find titles. By doing this we have made thousands of titles available to readers that were previously impossible to get hold of.

Publishers and Distributors
Given our main aim of listing as many books as possible, we are very keen to talk to publishers and distributors about supply arrangements. We are currently working hard to integrate with distributors and larger publishers and are also developing ideas on how to work with smaller publishers. Publishers and distributors wishing to add books to our catalogue should contact Andy Chart.

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