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Established in 2006, 188Bet has become arguably the most trusted bookmaker in all of Asia. Because of former Asian bookmaker Pointbet’s recent vanishing act (in which several customers lost everything in their accounts), European bettors have been extremely wary of registering accounts with any Asian sites. 188Bet, however, has had very few negative reports and overall seems to be very safe.

The self-proclaimed “In-Play Specialist,” 188bet lives up to the name. 188bet guarantees a total of at least 2200 live betting events every month. There is some form of in-play wager option for nearly every event they cover. They also cover over 400 football leagues from around the globe and guarantee an open betting period of 88 minutes for every 90 minute football match covered. Although their football coverage is quite remarkable, the remainder of events covered is limited.

Another strong point for 188Bet is their early odds publication. They typically publish their odds earlier than any other bookmakers and do so at prices you simply cannot find anywhere else, resulting in some excellent value bets for those who get in early.

188Bet offers a 24-hour customer service department that can be contacted by phone, fax, email, or their convenient live chat feature. Their support team is pleasant, professional and efficient.

The website has an excellent, straightforward layout that enables bettors to easily navigate to the event or match of their choice. One drawback of 188Bet is their limited language offering. 188Bet offers their site in only English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian, failing to cater to their ever-expanding European customer base.

188Bet’s stated aim is “to provide [its] customers with the greatest variety of gaming options available at the most competitive prices,” and that is simply what they do.

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